411 on the 610

December 16, 2008

Attended a great class on Malware Analysis taught by the most excellent Lenny Zeltser and hosted by the SANS Institute.  Just wish they did’nt pick a hotel that charged @#$# $33 quid to freaking park.  I modified my cerebrel process and sent signatures to my neural network and took the metro the next day.   It looks like ShmooCon is hosting their yearly conference at the same hotel.  

Funny thing.  I was talking to my buddy about the whole ticketing fiasco with Schmoocon registration and their hokey signup process.  I said, it could be susceptible to flashcrowd DoS effects but then I said they have smart people that would size registration services accurately to allow for whut@? a couple thousands transactions tops? 

Well they got DoSed, big egg on their face, now Im stuck wait to get a Ticket.  They go back on line for sale on Jan 1.

Bruce Potter the founder of Schmoo is a good buddy of mine I used to work with.  Smart kat he is.  He went on to found his own company, partnered up with the ex cheif code/breaker/maker for the NSA so no shortage of talent in the MD neck of the woods.    But MAN does their website suck.


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