Anti Malware Malware

December 31, 2008

So I was thinking of an interesting idea.  Create a target list of all malware and hacker sites.  Take a massive database of MD5 hashed malware, hacking tools, ectera, create a crawler bot that can autopwn sites and then upon detection, Secure Delete or AES 256bit encrypt the files upon detection and then destroy the AES key.  It would be pretty interesting and have massive undetermined effects. You could call it White Friday.  The result would be like a mass cleaning of malware from the net in one big swoop putting them back to the drawing board a bit.   One of the primary reasons for this is that the center of gravity I believe for this type of malware development is very small if actually studied versus the rest of the poser community that just uses the tools and extends or customizes them.  The Malware/hacker site list would ensure that unintended victims are not impacted.  You could also furter refine your targeting.  It would most likely have to be architected as a worm of some sort with a Software as a Service type back end to a MD5 Hash DB.  Or the malware could just AES encrypt all underground sites out there.  NOW that would be interesting.    An AES encryption attack would not be destructive, yet simply TRANSFORM the look of their data (Thats what encryption essentially does)  You could actually embed the SECRET key randomly dispersed somehow into their encrypted files or elsewhere on their systems so that They had the power to unencrypt them if by some infentessimal probability they could find the key.  You could also actually somehow get around legalities by justifying the if the Site accepts user input in any way shape or form you can essentially run the attack and not have any repercussions legally.  But of course this would be a non attributable black OP.

This is to start a thought meme on this until I refine it more later.  Feel free to comment.

I think I will call this the WhiteFriday event horizon.   Im going to add more way out there ideas.



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