Series: Looking through the keyhole – Unique Pack

March 25, 2009

Unique Pack – Unique Sheaf Exploits



NOTE: the possible author of the pack. 

Indication of author is not tantamount to owner of pack or operator of pack.

Most of these things are coded collaboratively from many authors and geographic locations.

For perspective this would be a true realization of the distruptive nature of open source software.

The only real intelligence value of these things are:

What unique identifiers are in the kits that could allow for detection.  See GOOGLE hacking.

[“unique sheaf sploits” “Vparivatel” “All Vpars” “Totals/Loads”]

What language is used, can the implementation be exploited.

How can you pwn the server to monitor usage? Exploitable??

Are the operators stupid enough to connect directly or do they come in via proxied connections such as Tor?

WHERE is the DROP SITE?  Can we Trojan the drop site with a payload to track the movement of its data?

Can we poison Pill the data (via Cryptographic attack or assured destruction Secure delete) or the systems that use the data?


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