Dancho Danchev Missing

January 15, 2011

For those that may not know, an excellent cyber security researcher by the name of Dancho Danchev has gone missing since Mid September of 2009.  He is a Bulgarian and has a long history in putting a dent in cybercriminal operations with regard to various botnet networks and Fake AV campaigns which generate a ton of cash.  This is an appeal to any one who has any contacts in the Eastern European Law enforcement or cyber arena who can shed some light on his dissappearnce. 

It is no suprise that in this space you tangle with sorted fellows and bastards that are supposted to be the good guys but are bought and paid for by criminal elements.  Especially in those areas.  You fuck with streams of money and bad things happen. 

This is exactly why I have advocated the building, development, and most importantly PUBLISHING of the key identities, relationships and details of cyber threat actors.  These actors operate in the dark for a reason.  If you take that darkness away and expose the personal details to the entire world, their operations are revealed and hindered and “things” will happen to thing.  Things get done.   Criminal kingpins and Intel/Military operator do not like their cyberboys turned into local celebrity Paris Hiltons where their operations, relationships and networks are linked to them and exposed to the entire world.

Tracking these networks involves risk.   It is now time to balance the field and IMPOSE risk.  If you have the identies and locations of the actors behind the Top 20 botnets, The identities of the operators in Chinese and Russian cyber military intelligence units share them here.  We will collaboratively group analyze and begin to build out Operation Starlight.

It could have helped Danchev.  Hopefuly he is alright.


One Response to “Dancho Danchev Missing”

  1. Mickey Mouse said

    Oh, yeah right … I am sure the idea of having Chinese and Russian Cyber Military types expose a crime ranks right up there with having a radioactive cocktail for breakfast while their at it.

    I agree, cybercrime must be stopped but what planet did you get off on with the INTEL types telling on their comrades? These goons are probably one and the same.

    Sleep with dogs and you catch fleas… RIP Danchev…

    p.s. The hero always dies in reality unless he has a large army behind him/her. Even then they sometimes die, trust me, been there did that done that.

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